Setting myself free(lance)
I often get asked ‘how did you become an illustrator?’ Since graduating in 2013, I’ve been working full time in a mix of project management, administration and graphic design roles - drawing the rest of the time – evenings, weekends, late nights and early mornings. After three years of a double work life, I’m finally taking the plunge and becoming a full time doodler, a mutually exciting and terrifying prospect. Since graduating, Illustration has consumed every minute of free time, head space and resulting life-choice anxiety - without paying any of my bills. So here I am, I  am about to launch myself into the scary and competitive market of professional picture makers and struggling artists. I should have a little more downtime so I'Il be tracking the journey here and touching base with the rest of the human race. So there we have it. - news post numero uno. I have a couple of news bits in the waiting, so hope to keep this relatively up to date! If you don't already check out my Instagram and Twitter - I'm much better and with pictures and 140 character limits.

April 2016