Inspired by Portsmouth’s maritime history, this mural is a mythically inspired retelling of the renowned Mary Rose sinking. The Tudor warship sank in 1545 whilst leading the attack against a French invasion fleet in the Solent, four and a half centuries later, it was raised from the depths and now lies in drydock at Portsmouth.The only confirmed eyewitness account of the Mary Rose's sinking says that she had fired all of her guns on one side and was turning when she was caught in a strong gust of wind. Other accounts agree that she was turning, but there could be a number of reasons why she sank during the manoeuvre.

Inspired by this historic tale, I wanted to create a striking narrative piece that links into Portsmouth's heritage in a playful way. My illustration retells the story of this iconic ship, but rather than a battle scene taking her down, the Mary Rose is sunken by a mythical Kraken sea monster.